Why Choose Us?

Everyone will tell you that finding a broker is a must for you to be able to trade online, but only a few people will talk about the importance of choosing the right one. Yes, the company you use for your trading journey can make all the difference in the kind of results you can obtain. The right platform opens the doors of the financial markets and the opportunities within, while the wrong one can create a lot of complications. Which category does CTmatador fall in? This CTmatador can help you find some answers.

It doesn’t take long for people to realize that finding the best broker is easier said than done. Every company claims to be the right choice for you and since services can be quite similar, it is difficult to pick one. Rather than choosing randomly, you should focus on the notable features of a company and use them for making an optimal selection. You can do the same with CTmatador, a company headquartered in London, United Kingdom and offering CFD trading services to global traders. Let’s take a look at their top 3 notable features:

Feature 1: A wide range of trading instruments

The first and most notable feature of CTmatador that will immediately strike you when you check them out is the wide range of trading instruments they offer. They have given their clients access to different financial markets via a single platform and they provided the leading instruments from every market, which makes it a very rare combination.

This ensures that traders will have the freedom to diversify their portfolio as per their preference because they can find an instrument that suits them. It keeps your risks low and profits high. Some of the markets that CTmatador allows you access include the forex market, which is the world’s largest, the stock and indices market that are quite lucrative, the consistent commodities market and the popular cryptocurrency space.

Feature 2: Leading trading platform in the market

The feature that you engage with the most when you are using a broker’s services is their trading platform because this software connects you to the financial markets. It affects your performance because it helps in executing trades, which means a slow platform can be disastrous, and also provides tools, the lack of which leads to poor decisions. You don’t have to worry about these with CTmatador because they have added the MetaTrader platform for their clients.

This is the industry-leading trading platform that you can find and uses powerful trading technology for providing superior trade execution. Along with one-click trading, the user-interface is easy to navigate. Moreover, CTmatador has ensured that you get access to the best trading tools, such as advanced charts and graphs, trading calculator and signals, technical and fundamental analysis tools, market indicators, the latest news and risk management tools as well, helping you make good decisions.

Feature 3: Different account options for trader types

Every trader has different needs and preferences, due to which CTmatador has divided its account options into two categories in accordance with trader types. Novices and beginners can start with the risk-free demo account that offers them 24/7 customer support, competitive pricing, negative balance protection and access to educational resources, market news and analysis that can help them get in as much practice as possible.

As far as the other option is concerned, this is called the live trading account and CTmatador has created this one for traders with skills and experience. Therefore, it also offers negative balance protection and competitive pricing, along with priority service and a relationship manager.

Ending Thoughts

While these three leading features have undoubtedly helped CTmatador in appealing to all traders in the financial markets, they also offer top-notch customer support, a simple registration process, robust security measures and a smooth trading environment that is second to none and prioritizes the needs of traders.